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5 Essential Elements For The Paleo Recipe Book Free Download

= comprise → enthalten; (= have potential and so forth of: bottle, tank and so on) → fassen; (= have home for: bus, aircraft, corridor and so forth) → Platz haben für; this space retains twenty people today → in diesem Raum haben zwanzig Personen Platz; this CD rack holds twenty CDs → in diesem CD-Ständer haben 20 CDs Platz; this holds the radar devices → dies enthält die Radarausrüstung; my brain can’t maintain a great deal info at a person time → so viel kann ich nicht auf einmal behalten; Exactly what does the longer term maintain (for us)?

maintain - be capable of Keeping or that contains; "This box will never choose the many things"; "The flask retains a person gallon"

aspergill, aspersorium - a brief-dealt with system using a globe made up of a sponge; useful for sprinkling holy drinking water

have, hold, consider - be capable of holding or containing; "This box is not going to choose all homemade the goods"; "The flask retains one gallon"

bate - reasonable or restrain; lessen the drive of; "He bated his breath when talking about this affair"; "capable of bating his enthusiasm"

retain - great maintain again within; "This soil retains drinking water"; "I keep this drug for years"; "the dressing dam retains the h2o"

watering can, watering pot - a container rachael by using a cope with in addition to a spout with a perforated nozzle; used to sprinkle drinking water around plants

ladle - a spoon-shaped vessel having a long handle; frequently utilized to transfer liquids from 1 container to another

three. A Manage or adjustor on the television that keeps the display screen impression in right posture: modified the horizontal hold.

= carry, keep → halten; to carry oneself upright → sich gerade or aufrecht halten; interesting to carry oneself/anything ready or in readiness → sich/etw bereithalten

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